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Haul: The Body Shop, Watsons, Sasa & Chamelon

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012

Sorry babes, I have yet another haul entry. >_<

Apologies if you're sick and tired of haul entries. I will be posting up some reviews of skincare products, hopefully soon.

So, today after facial, I FINALLY got the time to do some shopping in Orchard. I headed over to Far East Plaza first to get some hair accessories at Chamelon and while I was there, I decided to check out their cosmetics and I found some Rhomlon cosmetics. I decided to purchase their Eyebrow Pencil since it was only $2.20 and it is Made In Japan. I'm also trying to spend less on cosmetics (rather ironic seeing as I just hauled...again) and trying to find cheaper alternatives. :)

I got the shade black, simply because the other shades were too reddish. I have extremely dark black hair, I don't think reddish brown eyebrows will go well with my overall look. LOL! The shade black is extremely pigmented and well, practically draws like a freaking eyeliner. However, after brushing it out with the brush provided, the colour becomes much more subtle and not so strong anymore. Overall, worth the $2.20 price tag. :)



Went over to Watsons to get some strong hold hairspray (Lucidol-L Designing air Hair Spray in Super Hard) and make-up sponges for my powder foundations, but I ended up purchasing more than just necessities. I purchased yet another Canmake Nudy Glow Lipgloss, this time in 06 Peach Milk. It is a nice milky peachy colour with pink shimmers. I am currently going thru a nudy-pink lips phase. :P



Then I also picked up a Majolica Majorca Blush in OR211 because I am very into peachy blushers right now. LOL!! It reminds me a lot of MAC's Instant Chic blusher though I'm pretty sure they don't look similar to each other. LOL!


Then I saw that K-Palette is on sale and took the opportunity to get the Real Lasting Eyebrow and Real Lasting Eyeliner to try. No swatches yet, sorry!


After shopping at FEP, I walked over to Wisma and dropped by Sasa. Surprisingly, I only purchased 2 items there. I usually go crazy whenever I'm in Sasa. >_< Was really pleasantly surprised to find the Bihada Ichizoku Cheek there. There were only 2 shades, pink and beige, I decided to get the beige one since I have soooooo many pink blushers. Actually, I ought to stop buying ANY blushers. Period. :P I also got a pack of mega cute oil-blotter. Great thing about this oil-blotter is that it has a mirror! Really convenient and saves me the hassel of having to take my powder compact out whenever I need a mirror. :)


After Sasa, I walked over to The Body Shop to check out their new LE blushers. OMGee, everyone got to grab one for themselves ASAP. The pigmentation and texture is SUPERB! I dare to say, they feel even better than any MAC MSFs I've ever used! They are so extremely soft it feels like the product might just crumble anytime. LOL! I got both colours, berry and chestnut. The Sa told me they can be used as eyeshadows too. Some swatches:

I swatched each 'maple leaf' and when all the shades are mixed together. Absolute LOVES!!!



This concludes my haul.

Thanks for reading & have a great week ahead! :)

Quick Review: D.U.P False Lashes in 803 Rich

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012

A few days ago, I twipic-ed a picture of the D.U.P False Lashes that I got in Japan.


I got to know about D.U.P False Lashes thanks to the August issue of Popteen. Specifically, the following pages:

OMGee, I went crazy when I flipped to these 2 pages. Immediately told myself to get a pack and try.

Tried them for work a few days ago and twitpic-ed my eye (yes, singular) with it on.

One pack comes with 2 pairs of lashes, a small tube of D.U.P Eyelashes Fixer EX glue and they are ¥1050 per pack. Which is actually rather expensive for 2 pairs of synthetic lashes. Currently, each pack comes with a free lash case.

Though the lashes are not made of real human hair, they do feel rather soft and flexible. The lash band is not as soft as Ardell or Dolly Wink lashes but it is not too thick either. The ones I got, 803 Rich, are rather dramatic looking but as you can see in the pic above, it is still okay for day wear.

As for durability, I do think they are much more durable than most human hair lashes, but that is the case for most synthetic lashes. The overall experience of the lashes is rather pleasant. No itchiness at the corners of my eyes and no heavy feeling on my lids.

I would recommend these lashes, but only if you cannot find the similar style of lashes at a cheaper price and if you're in Japan of course. :P

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Urban Decay <3 NYC BOS III

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012

Hey everyone!

I just got back from Sydney a couple of days ago. Was an extremely hectic trip, Mom, The Fiance and I were busy packing up the apartment. I had to throw out a lot of clothes and other miscellaneous. Ohhhh, the heartbreak!

Anyway, we managed to fit everything into 7 luggages and 9 boxes. My Mom even brought back the microwave! LOL! We're so nuts. :P

I was so busy packing that I barely had any time left to meet up with friends. But I managed to say good-bye to most of them during my Convocation. :) Sadly, I couldn't meet up with Janice (Chaigyaru) and Adeline (Through Beauty Eyes). I didn't have internet connection so I couldn't confirm with them for drinks. Booo!! Blame it on my bad planning. Hope to meet them both the next time I fly back to Sydney though! :)

Okay, enough of my blabbering and let's get on with the makeup related stuff. :)

I am so glad I brought this back from Sydney. My beloved Conair Touch Illuminated Beauty Mirror. This thing cost me quite a bit, there was no way I was gonna leave it in Sydney. :P

It has 2 sides, a normal mirrored side and a magnified side. I love the magnified side for grooming brows. :D The only bad thing about this mirror is the yellow-ish light. Not exactly the most ideal kind of light to apply your makeup with.

Anyway, after arriving home from the airport, I was delighted to see a parcel on my bed. I tore it open immediately and lo' & behold, the Urban Decay BOS III sat snuggly between the bubblewrap in the box. I know Sephora is launching the BOS III next month at my local Sephora stores, but I just couldn't wait! Also, I think it is slightly cheaper from where I purchased it. I shall let the pictures do the talking. :P

I can't wait to start using this palette! I have most of the shades actually but what the heck, it is a must-have (IMO) for all beauty junkies. :D I believe it is still in stock on Sephora's website and stores. It will be released in Sephora Singapore sometime next month and they are in limited quantites, just like the AIW BOS. :)

So, are you getting the UD BOS III?



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Top 5 September Loves

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012

Hey everyone!

I know, its been far too long. I'm so bad at updating this space. Apologies yet again and I do really thank you all for being so patient. :)

So, I've decided to do a products I am loving for the month of September entry. Let's get on with it shall we?

In no particular order...


1. The Body Shop Baked To Last Cheek Colour in 02 Coral

I managed to snag the last one from The Body Shop @ Marina Square. Am absolutely in love with this cheek colour. Pigmentation is superb. It gives me the nicest pinky-coralish cheeks and unlike some mineralised products, it isn't overly shimmery and chalky. Highly recommended.


2. MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Cyndi

Image Credits: Makeup For Life

I purchased this lipstick while I was still in Sydney and didn't use it till this month. I tend to buy and not use my MU till very much later. Weird habit I know. Anyway, I am so glad Hollyannaeree and StyleSuzi raved about it so much that I had to whip it out to try it for myself. I too am in love with it and can't get enough of it. It goes so well with any eye look that I have on. And on days that I do not have any eye MU on, other than concealer, I love using this to brighten up my face.


3. MUFE Full Coverage Concealer

I purchased this concealer at last year's IMATS Sydney. I used it for a few weeks before chucking it aside even though it works wonderfully. Recently, none of my concealers seem to be able to conceal my dark undereye circles so I went digging around my MU stash and found this. I have no idea why I chucked this aside when it works so well. The coverage is medium to full and it is not too thick or cakey. It blends beautifully on my undereye areas and it does not sink into or emphasize fine lines.


4. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24H in Natural Brown

I highly recommend everyone to try this out! I have extremely sparse and short eyebrows but this product allows me to have the illusion of fuller and longer brows. I can never leave the house without drawing in my brows now. This product has been a God-sent! It lasts a long time on my oily skin and works as a great base for my Shu Uemura Eyebrow Pencil in Hard 9.


5. Rimmel Lipstick in Nude Delight

Image Credits: http://schoee.blogspot.com/2009/02/shopping-wreckage.html

The perfect nude lipstick for me. Not too pale looking, with a hint of pink in it and the formula is extremely moisturizing. It glides onto my lips very smoothly and gives it a satiny look. I reach for this lipstick as often as I reach for MAC Cyndi. Sadly, I don't think you can find this shade in Singapore's drugstores. I am so gonna get a backup when I fly back to Sydney this Friday. :)


Alrighty, so these are my top 5 September loves. Of course, I have a whole list of products I'm loving for September but these are just the top 5 ones that I think deserve extra attention. :)

So, what are your top 5 September loves?


P.S.: I am going to continue with my Stash Showcase Series if anyone is wondering. It is extremely delayed because I didn't quite realise just how many eyeshadows I have. And well, to be honest, I feel rather ashamed to showcase it. >_< I really need to go on a makeup diet pronto! Anyway, I'll post up the entry after I'm done editing the pictures and after I'm back from Sydney. Plus, I'll need to muster some courage and develop a thicker layer of skin, in other words, I'll need to learn to be shameless. :P

Thanks for reading! :)

Update of my life, albeit a boring semi non-existent one

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012


I just realised I have never started my entries with a hello to everyone. >_<

How rude of me! Apologies!

How was everyone's weekend? Much much better than mine I hope! :)

So, this is going to be a wordy entries, apologies again if you do not like wordy posts.


Okay, so what has been going on in my life? Nothing much to be honest other than a bit of drama at my wrkplace.

By now everyone should know where I work, but if you don't know, I am in the F&B business. Work has been super hectic. It sucks all of my energy, health (fell sick for 6days!) and time. I even find it hard to find the time & energy to blog and edit pictures. I know, I owe you, my awesome readers a whole list of entries from eons ago. I sincerely apologise, I am extremely bad with time management. I am surprised I even managed to complete my studies with my horrid time management skills, or the lack thereof.

I've been so busy that I find it difficult to find the time to book my driving lessons. Urghhh, and I really want to be able to get my driving done by the end of the year. Sigh, but at the rate I am going, I don't think it is possible. :( I really respect and admire people who can juggle their jobs and have a life at the same time.

If anyone has any advice on time management, please give me some! Appreciate it loads! :)


Another thing that I would like to address before I end this entry. I just realised recently that I've hit 123 followers on this blog! I know 123 is not a lot to many people, but it is to me! I never thought I would even get 100 followers. I want to thank everyone for clicking the follow button and also, for leaving me awesome comments. Truly appreciate it all. I might hold a giveaway once I hit 150? We'll see how it goes. :)

Once again, thank you to all the readers and followers of this blog and sorry for not blogging more often. Thanks also for the patience and understanding.

I shall end this entry with a picture of my neighbour's cat. She loves coming into my house and sleeping/grooming on my bed. :P




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