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Damn you autocorrect!!! - M18 and above

By eclecticsatire · April 27, 2012

The Fiance just forwarded the link to me. I'm HOOKED, I tell ya! HOOKED! Mad friggin' hilarious!!!







LMFAO!!! Totally cheers me up reading all these crap.

Link here: http://damnyouautocorrect.com

Thanks for reading! :D

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HAHAHAHAHAHA omg i was laughing so hard!!!!!!!! thanks for this post!

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WAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! this made my night! lol! =D

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Hahaha! Lol, at least this make me laugh after a tired day at work!

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I read these a lot and it always get me laughing..lol!

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Haha this is the first site I always go to whenever I'm at work to perk me up! I'm so glad I don't have iPhones though!

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@madlynny: hehe no worries love! glad to share! :D

@ImmaPink: hehehe glad it made your night and hopefully, many more nights/days to come! :)

@Runwaytoparis: I know right! Great way to end a long working day. Laughter is the best medicine! :D

@everbluec: hehehehe :D

@aizutto: I'm like totally addicted to it! Have to read it at least once a day. :P

@feistyskies: I have an iPhone & ya, made a few embarrassing mistakes myself. Thank goodness the msgs were to my Fiance & not to anyone else, like say my parents?! LOL! :P

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Spot on! I made loads of such embarrasing mistakes when msging clients and colleagues over Iphone! Luckily we all had the same prob!

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