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Taiwan Beauty Loot Part Five: SOGO Hauling - Jill Stuart, MAC, P&J & many more.

By eclecticsatire · February 7, 2010
With Jill Stuart in mind, I headed over to SOGO to check out JS's new collection.
When I got there, a couple of the items from the latest collection were already out of stock. Luckily, the items that I had in mind were still available.

From JS's latest collection, I got the Jewel Crystal Eyes in #02 Eternal Platinum.

It was the only eyeshadow palette that actually caught my eye. Also, the texture of the Jewel Crystal Eyes range felt more creamy & smooth than the others. Pigmentation for the gold & silver appeared pretty intense too.

I got one of their regular mix blush compact in #07 Lovely Tulip.

<p>I kinda went a tad crazy over their Jelly Lip Glosses. They were too pretty and yummy to resist. :P
  • 03 Dolly Kiss
  • 05 Frosted Cherry
  • 14 Vanilla Pink
  • 18 Sweet Ribbon
<p>I also got 2 of JS's perfumes.
I couldn't decide which to get then The Boyfriend suggested I get both in 30ml bottles.
  • Night Jewel
  • Jill

Popped by Chanel in hopes of trying one of their foundations.
The SA recommended me the Lift Lumiere because she said it was more suitable for dehydrated skin like mine.
Got it in 05 Faience, Intensity 0.5.
I think it might be a bit too fair for me though.

<p>Walked over to MAC and to my surprise, the Lillyland Collection was already out along with the All races, all ages, all sexes Collection.
  • Lillyland Pearlmatte Eye Shadow (NT$1150)
  • Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy (NT$720)
  • Eye Brow Pencil in Spiked (NT$550)
  • Lipglass in Glamour For All (NT$600)
<p>Initially, I intended on getting just 2 Lip Gelees. But after swatching all of them, I was in love with all 4. The Boyfriend then suggested that I get all 4. :P
  • Shift To Pink
  • Resort Life
  • Preppy
  • Lush & Bright

The gift with purchase was a miserable tube of moisturiser.
Bleah! :P

<p>Walked over to the Nars counter intending on trying out their skincare line. However, I ended up with 2 eyeshadow palettes and zero skincare items. LOL!
  • Modern Love Palette
  • Essential Eye Palette

I have always loved Nars eyeshadows but they cost a bomb here in Singapore and in Sydney too. I always find it pretty hard to purchase any of the single & duo shadows. So, when I saw that the Nars counter at SOGO still had these palettes, I immediately grabbed them. They are a more economical way of enjoying Nars eyeshadows. :P
Oh, & I got a Nars mirror as my gift with purchase.

After Nars, I went over to the Kanebo counter and swatched some of Lunasol's S/S 2010 Nature Color Eyes palettes.

<p>I am quite a Lunasol eyeshadow addict, so I couldn't resist (I can't seem to resist a lot of things eh? LOL!) and got 3 of the palettes.
  • 02 Nature Green
  • 03 Nature Brown
  • 05 Nature Colorful

It is also cheaper to purchase Lunasol items in Taiwan. In Singapore, Lunasol eyeshadow palettes retails for about S$77.

As a gift with purchase, I received yet another Kanebo Blanchir Superior Trial Set.

Next to the Kanebo counter was Kose's. Heard great things about their newest Esprique Precious Symphonic Fit Eyes palettes, so decided to get one and try.
  • F-3 Green

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of Esprique Precious eyeshadow palettes. They just never really worked well on my eyes. However, curiosity got the better of me. Hope these work better than the others. :) I also got a foundation powder to try & it came with a free tube of Dramatical Stay Base EX.

Finally, my Paul & Joe haul!
I happened to pass by the P&J counter on my way out of SOGO. I did not intend on purchasing P&J items in Taiwan because it actually cost more than in Singapore. However, they were having a mini event for the Disney Alice in Wonderland Collection and I thought, what the heck. LOL!

<p>Collection 2010 (Disney Character) 001
  • Lip Treatment Stick
  • Blotting Paper
  • Blotting Paper Refill


<p>Wild Flowers Collection
Face & Eye Color CS
  • 065
  • 066


<p>Gift with purchase:
  • Alice in Wonderland pouch
  • 2 bottles of Refining Skin Toner
  • Light Cleansing Milk N
  • Protectic Foundation Primer UV
  • Protectic Dual Powder Fondation UV
  • 2010 P&J Calendar

Got to take a picture with rabbit headed guy too. LOL!

And this concludes my SOGO haul. :)

<p>Coming up: Part Six!!!
posted by izumi

oh my.. did you win the lottery? the last few posts have been nothing but hauls and hauls!

posted by eri

wow. when you shop, you mean business! great haul!

posted by Beauty Runway

Love your major spring haul ! Your bf is always so sweet, encouraging you to haul more :)

posted by Tracy

*whistles* You bought all the lipgelees! Nice :) And your bf was encouraging your makeupholism. Enjoy your new goodies!

posted by coffretgorge

more and more hauls! girl, you really are a beautyholic! ;)

posted by Catherine

WOW. I just read through your haul posts and man - EPIC!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them. And seriously - now you have to do reviews and FOTDs!!!!!! =P

posted by heartofpearl ♡

omg the perfume packaging is beautiful!! what a great haul! i love lipgloss hehe:D also thank you so much for ur tip on sydney! i cant waitt :D x

posted by cirralpeld

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Wow... all that loot... I'm burning green with envy! I adore Jill Stuart! Though i've never tried anything from their range before. :P

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